Big fat paycheck

Wee ~ Guest post! I feel so excited ^^ Hello everyone, welcome to Zich’s rant corner XD

When I was in school, people didn’t approve of me having the motivation to write. True enough I failed maths because of that and went into ITE.

When I was in the army, people think I’m stupid to follow orders strictly and that I ‘don’t have to be garang’.

When I was at work, people were shocked to find me walking home from my workplace every day. 45mins on average walking speed, 35mins if I hasten my footsteps.

People didn’t understand the things I did. I wouldn’t expect them to know since they’re not me.

This is an urge to all writers and artists out there; don’t be put down by friends or family who are not supportive of your work. If it isn’t good enough, you’d just have to improve it. If they look down on what you’re doing, then you’d have to just ignore them.

Just because they don’t see a purpose to what you do, doesn’t mean there is nothing good to it. Persistence is always the key to success but never forget stubbornness is the road to failure.

On your road to become a renowned mangaka or prestigious writer, always keep in mind that some people are helping you. Not all are against you. Now that is where ‘stubbornness’ comes in.
Certain people may help you in a harsh way and put you down. They’re helping you to strengthen. If you don’t listen, this is called stubbornness.

While others choose to think your works are a waste of time. They’re not helping you at all. If you don’t listen, this is called persistence.

But of course living in a society where everything is about money, you can’t just abandon your job and do what you want. This is called unrealistic attitude. Nevertheless, if you have the money to support yourself or your family with this new thing you do, go ahead by all means.

Many years ago I came to terms with myself. I am not Catherine Lim nor am I JK Rowling (though our initials are similar; JK Tan … lol XD) and I definitely don’t want to become a JRR Tolkien (whose work is published after his death).

Thus here I am, embarking on my next journey of obtaining a diploma cert without having to worry about what my family thinks. Because I know I will be earning income to support my family and me.

I’m not discriminating against writing or drawing in Singapore but I know I don’t have what it takes to become a professional or freelance writer. To those who have the ability and drive to take this as their career, don’t feel down because others think it is impractical. Persistence is always the key to success, not stubbornness.

Now that I’m entering the next phase of my life (a.k.a midlife crisis. Moon, Szelin, please don’t throw stuff at me XDXDXD), I find myself reaping the rewards of the things I do:

Through writing I forced myself to view in other people’s perspective. Through being garang, I forced myself to do things without other people to push me. Through walking home every day from work, I forced myself to be determined in whatever I do.

This is my big fat pay check. I didn’t get a million dollars out of it but I certainly gained things that not even a million dollars can buy (I know my pay check sounds general but it goes way deeper than that).

P.S I know, I know, the most valuable thing in the Army is that Class 3 license. Well, it all depends on what you really want to achieve in the two years: Class 3? Enjoy life? Something else?

Each to their own 😉