Constantly aspiring much?

Well, it’s no secret. I procrastinate. A lot. It is therefore of little wonder why I produce an artwork every two months or so, write a bit here and there, with no serious goal in sight. Yet I always say that I want to be a mangaka and publish something. And where’s my story and work? In progress.

That’s highly normal for many people, to be just like that. To give a nicer ring to it, we are constantly aspiring. But is that enough? Hopes and dreams can only go so far on empty promises.

Everyone dreams one day of having a bestseller, with just a few taps on the keyboard and a little inspiration at the right time, with stories that just come out naturally, and perfect the first time.

But look at the many stories behind these bestsellers, the little stories that most don’t notice. The stories of plain hard work, research, and rewrites. Inspiration can only go so far…and most of the time it fizzles out in the middle, leaving you with a half-written story and saying ‘so what’s next?’. Leaving you with many half-written stories…stories that wait to be told to an audience.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice something in order to fulfill a dream and aspiration. I know I need to. So do you.

So watch out. I will complete what I’ve set out to do, and hopefully you will too.