Just do iiiiiit

Hello everyone, Moontique asked me to write a guest piece and I was wondering what I should write but nonetheless, I figured out what I wanted to say in regards to writing.

Write what you want.

No, seriously. Even if you think that “Aah, it’s not nice…” or if it’s not up to standard or even if you think the story is crappy, just WRITE it if you want to. Also, the whole basis of writing shouldn’t be about money making since it might turn the whole experience horrible. I’ve seen that happen before and it didn’t turn out good at all for the person. So just write what you want and heck others!

Not everyone likes Harry Potter (Gasp!) and obviously not everyone will like what you write. BUT! Some people will still like to read what you write so just keep on writing what you want instead of listening to others (unless they’re giving constructive criticisms of course). It should be an enjoyable experience and although you might have writer’s block or get stuck in some areas while doing so, you should be able to feel the satisfaction of completing it.

You’ll probably get even much more satisfaction in knowing that people want to read it and DO read whatever it is you write. Even much more when you know that you DID it and all because you wanted the story or piece to be that way instead of following trends or whatever.
And so in the words of Nike, just do it! Do iiiit.

Write what you want, finish it and then edit it. Who knows? One of your stories or pieces might be popular or it could be the start of a writing career. No one really knows so just go ahead and have fun. No one’s really giving points or grading your writing.
Unless during an exam… But that’s a different story!

Sarah Coldheart