lemme start things off

The results on the poll I recently set up are out!! Seems like the majority of people wants an occasional but entertaining blog entry. XD

Alright, so I set it for 8 days and only 7 people voted. But I’ll just get things going first so people can have a taste of what I mean by an occasional but entertaining blog entry. Mind you, I may not be particularly entertaining on some days so my jokes could come across as somewhat lame.

But you love my blog entries anyways right? XDDD

Let’s see, what should I write about? Maybe about how the AMW Club came about, ok?

Right. So one day, I was innocently surfing the SGCafe forum when I saw this particular thread on the new posts board. It was a thread started by a guy named Benj who asked a pretty interesting question.

“Anyone thought of making official manga?”

It had garnered quite a number of aspiring mangaka when I finally entered the thread. Granted, I’m a writer and not an artist so the only way I could ever get a manga published is to work with an artist but I still harboured hopes then. In fact, I dream that one day I may even have my own anime series complete with theme songs and all. XDD

Yeah, big dream. Kinda hard to fulfil in Singapore but hey, I’m a positive person. Most of the time, that is.

Initially, I posted some information and links on how to get one’s work recognised by people. Strangely enough, Benj was impressed by my long-winded post and proposed the idea of scanning a character of his for me to write about. Thanks Benj. =)

Well, one thing led to another and I finally opened the official thread on 22 January 2008. To my surprise, enrolment shot up quickly. Needless to say, I was left somewhat speechless and grateful for the great people who’ve made the choice to join my club. XDD

And to szelin who’s working with me to make my dream come true!!! Wahahaha.

Of course, this club mainly focuses on manga and its creation but it’s also open to people who want to write fictional genres such as fantasy, mystery etc. Singapore has so few of these kind of authors after all. We definitely need a J. K. Rowling in Singapore who can prove to the world that we Singaporeans can exercise our imagination. XDD

I’m not saying that the books that have been already published by Singaporeans are not commendable la. I’m suggesting it’s time we take the literary and manga world by storm.