Haru here~!!!

I’ve been invited as the guest blogger this time. Its a real honour and i’m glad to have been invited to do so.

Hmm.What should i talk about? Ahh. How about from the very beginning for me?? 8DDI mean how i started out.xD

Mmmm..lets see. Its was when i was 7/8 years old. Or was it 9? I happen to chance on the animes Flame of Recca and Akazukin ChaCha. They’re old works now. but back then,they were pretty new. I was utterly amazed. Having seen only the likes of Barney and Teletubbies, seeing this animes really astounded me.

I wanted to be able create beautiful works as well. So i grabbed some paper and a pencil and started. 8D Of course i was utterly horrendous at it then.

*not that ive improved that much now…xDD*I could never balance the head. The eyes. Sooooo. To make it easier on myself,i started using a round circle.8DDa circle cylinder. Like a bottlecap or a round sharpener. Then i traced the shape. And used it as my basis for the head. *gets whacked*xDD

And since i could never balance the eyes. I just never drew two eyes. *shrugs*

I’d make the hair so that the parting more or less covers half the face. So i’d only need to draw one eye. 8DD Oh. So basically. My drawings back then?? LOOKS LIKE POWERPUFF GIRRRLLLSSS. HAHAHHAHHAHHH~ but slowly i improved.In the next few years. I was able to improve. Slowly but surely. I believe i improved due to the mangas i read and animes i watch. I’m the kind of person…That gets influenced easily.

While watching an anime or reading a manga..i get influenced.In terms of art.I began to draw similar to what i was reading/watching. felt like copying.D8So i stopped reading and watching manga/anime for awile. To create my own art style. And i got it. 8D Of course with influences of my fav artists and such. but thats normal,no?? In the end.

The artwork is mine. My work, my style. It made me felt good. To create a work out nothing but just a blank piece of paper. And to slowly improve. Ahhh. but i still havent been cured of my bad habit. I still get influenced by the mangas/animes that i watch. But not to the extend of copying. PHEW~ Who i got influenced by??

i think you can tell by looking at my work. 8DD first. for my eyes and detailed hair. CLAMP!!!! I LOVE CLAMP!! i love mokona’s art. thus my eyes with the long thick lashes.

*as well as ive been told time and time again my drawing is similar…D8*ahh. also the eyes and facial structure and such.again as well as detailed hair. Influenced by Mayu Shinjo. 8D oh her art is beautiful. Bodywise Kazuya Minekura. I SIMPLY LOVE her anatomy. oh and her eye for evy lil detail.

Conclusion? Everybody starts out small. There’s no shame in asking for the help of others. We have teachers and guides along our way. Its not wrong to follow and learn from those around us and those we admire. So long at the end of the day. What u created is yours. Yours alone. Do not copy.

Its disappointing. Its your own unique style that will get the true attention of others. I mean really. Who wants to see copies of the same like over and over again? I know i don’t. Ehhh.I’ve been rattling on and on haven’t i?? I’ll end on that note then.

Jaa~!! *^W^*///