On the fast track to…

Hi guys! The moon is back in the house again. Would like to thank all who’s been doing the survey and contributing your opinions. They’re being lovingly treasured, so don’t worry about it. XD

I’ll also like to thank the members of the AMW Club for being so patient with me all this time. Being limited to a certain number of pages or words is tough, I know. I’ve been in your shoes countless times myself and I understand your woes. But as I’ve explained, the real world is gonna be the same. When you send your works out to an editor, they’re gonna cut up your baby ruthlessly. Coz they want your baby to be presented in the best way possible in order to attract the readers.

Perhaps it won’t be the story you wanna tell the world but I’m really really sorry to say, that’s how things work. I wish it could be otherwise but…I’m limited by a lot of factors as well. As with all of you, I’m devoted to creating a great first issue so I hope you guys can understand my situation too. =)

There was a long time ago when I thought the market in Singapore was too small for the likes of creative people like novelists. I even thought of setting up a publishing company to cater purely to Singaporean novelists. Not writers who pen non-fiction or reference books or real life experiences. But novelists who have a story to tell.

I’ve long since decided I don’t have the business mind to set up a company but with this Club, I hope to help you guys along so you can fulfil your dreams as much as possible. It may not be much…perhaps it may not be as you expected. However, I hope that it also prepares you for the harsh world of publishing in the future. At least you won’t be so disappointed when you guys finally venture out on your own.

Oh yeah, also wanted to add that our blog has been getting visitors from all over the world (like Japan, Malaysia and errr…what was the other country I told you about, szelin?) so ganbatte on your respective works!

The world is watching you. XDD

ps: I’ve started a forum here. This is in no way gonna replace SGCafe so you can continue posting in SGCafe. One of the reasons why I’m setting it up is coz the thread at Sgcafe is simply moving too quickly for members to properly follow. I find myself repeating myself so many times I’m beginning to have stress symptoms.

You can post in this forum if you like but our main base still remains at sgcafe. Oh and please don’t spam unnecessarily coz it’s supposed to be a place where members can get updated info on our various projects. =)