Plans and whatnots…

As with any other things you do, whether you’re working out or making out, you need to do a little warm up to smoothen the process and make it a pleasurable one unless it’s a chore. Other than work (school work, house work or simply work), nothing else should be treated as one. Not especially when you’re writing or drawing.

If it’s so difficult to write or draw, why do we persist in torturing ourselves in doing something we can’t? Self torment doesn’t have to be painful, it can be enjoyable too, masochist.

After wading through the walls of text from various sources Moontique dug out, I realise a lot of people (especially those who don’t draw or write frequently), are doing it wrong. For us seasoned ones we can simply wave our magic wands (pens and pencils) to write or draw something ‘magically’ but have you wondered ‘was that really magic?’ We have had our blocking bad times too; so where did the magic go then?

Thinking can be either a fruitful process or a killing one. Try recalling the times when you were blocked — have you sat in the chair for so long nothing comes out? Well, that’s because you plan too much. The solution may not be applicable to all situations, but it does apply to a lot, if not most. Sometimes, we grind too much of our brain juice we forgot the purpose behind our works.

Instead of asking ‘what to draw’, try musing on ‘why’? Maybe you’re just practicing or training but ‘why?’ Why do you want to draw or write in the first place? What do you wish to achieve in the first place?

I can still vividly recall one of the methods prescribed by some author is to have your own ritual to get into the mood. It is a very practical advice I’ve come to rely on for months. Of course, repeating the same ritual everyday will wear out eventually. Thus I went one step deeper into hurting myself.

A popular magician said, “Don’t think, feel.” His advice comes in handy even we’re not enjoying his illusional feats. Before you begin thinking what you have to draw, gather your emotions and feel what is it you wish to convey to your audience. Is it a pinch of regret? A startling revelation? Or simply a moment of joy?

Let these emotions wash you away into the ocean of imagination and let your fingers wield the wand in freedom. Though it may not be ideal all the time it is one way of starting and getting into the mood.

Happy tormenting yourself!