Rainy skies cosplay

A while back, I mentioned something that has to do with cosplay. Well…the thing is I have this novel. And it’s titled Rainy Skies. You see; I was so taken by this WIP novel of mine, I decided to do a cosplay of it, based on the manga that szelin drew.

So I went to prepare for the cosplay: buying cloth, getting it tailored, working with szelin (who has contributed immensely to our props, wigs and costumes), etc. And I even invited a few close friends to do some of the characters. Hehe…and so…I present to you…the fruits of our labour…=3

With the exception of me (although this is like my third time only =x), the rest are all first-time cosplayers so 请多多指教!Hehe.

Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir
Photogs: Usagi-san and Maverick

Moon = Rain Eveil
mewmew = Lucian
pandora = Yvi Weil
cath = Thiea Bey

Novel by moon and manga by szelin

Visit the Rainy Skies Manga wordpress blog to check out our photos! =3