There’s that feeling again.

Hiya everyone,

long time no write liaoz…been asking various members of the club to contribute, much to the delight of everyone else (I think..XDD).

Anyways, to keep the momentum going while I source for another willing vic…guest blogger, I shall pen this round’s blog post. =)

For the past few posts, our guest bloggers have been writers who have focused on the need to keep writing despite discouragements, obstacles and sheer disapproval of what is after all deemed to be just a mere hobby in Singapore. I guess what classifies most if not all of us is the determination to break out of the mould and show the world that we’re made of tougher stuff than originally thought.

More than anything else, it’s the desire to be different. To tell a story that’s literally bubbling within us and pour it out onto paper in the form of words and sentences.

Indeed, to tell a story is akin to letting it flow from your inner self like an uninterrupted riverflow. Imagine the clear gushing of water washing over polished pebbles, rushing down a path that eventually leads to the deep and mysterious sea.

To ensure that your waterflow is as smooth as possible, the right words must be used. I’m not quite sure how to explain to you but each and every word that you’ll ever encounter in your life has a certain feeling to it. It tells you if it’s meant to be used in this sentence or in this story for that matter. Is it, in fact, the right word to use? Does it convey the right feelings as you had intended?

Like a piece of art where the colours and lines must be just so to express the right emotions, so must a well-written piece of story. As an artist must be acquainted with his/her colours and lines, so must a writer establish a cordial relationship with words.

It’s a feeling that you have to discover for yourself. =)

& I gotta say I love the feeling of being on friendly terms with ma words. XDDD