To money or not to money…

I recently spoke with Alvin, a guy who helps promotes online magazines to overseas markets. You can check out the following links for more info:

Basically he told me he could convert our anthology into a flipping kind of e-magazine and promote it overseas where we can earn money for our efforts. Ads can also be added once our viewership hits a certain number per month. He also pointed out that our e-anthology can be put in sites like friendster and facebook where there’s a higher chance of people seeing our work.

Well, it seems like an interesting idea…but I’m not sure if we want to move into commercializing our work just yet. How will we split up the money fairly that we earn from the sales? It’s a complicated affair that I don’t want to think about just yet. This is a group effort by amateurs (good ones, I must add) who’re contributing during their free time after all.

Money…just makes things well…complicated. Until the time, we can sit down together to discuss properly. I think I’ll hold off Alvin’s proposal first. =)

However, should anyone of you wanna venture out into the world yourself and publish an e-zine of your works to make money, you can consider Alvin’s service.

As long as you know what you’re getting into. XDD