We really need one of these

I posted this link onto our forum recently.


And I’ve been thinking what a waste it is to have it stop due to serious lack in manpower and funds. I mean I’m sure the comic artists/writers population in Singapore is large but for some reason, they don’t seem to be together.

The mini conventions that were organised by the duo of watzart must have seemed like a ray of light to people who were trying very hard to realise their dreams. Haiz. I wonder what it’ll be like to organise one of these mini events. But reality is we do lack the funds even if we’re willing to fork out the time.

Maybe we can start small. Like publishing our own volumes of manga by zapping them on photocopy machines. At least that’s what I read that doujinshi groups in Malaysia do. Then we can rent a small booth at cosplay conventions and sell them to interested individuals. It may be an extremely slow process since the most we can probably have printed is about 10 copies.

But if these individuals like our work, they’ll spread the word around and slowly but surely, our names will be circulated among manga lovers.

Hmm…it’s an idea. Although I like the idea of a mini convention better. Haha…but what exactly do we do there anyways? Let me know your ideas and who knows??

We may just herald the start of more mini conventions to come. XDDD

ps: doujinshi groups are mushrooming in Singapore as well. Found this report on last year’s EOY doujinshi group appearances a really nice read.