When traditional publishing is just one of your choices…

In the past before self-publishing became the norm, people used to wait anxiously for letters from publishers they had sent their manuscripts to. The waiting time could stretch up to a few weeks and even a few months. Sometimes the wait ends in disappointment because the story ‘isn’t what we’re looking for’.

With the dawn of self-publishing however, writers (and of course mangakas) have the freedom to determine their writing future by turning to self-publishing sites such as Lulu and BookSurge (part of Amazon).

I use Lulu myself and I must say it’s been really convenient for me because I have the flexibility to change the contents or cover anytime I want.

I can use my own custom covers and choose the kind of book binding I prefer. They even offer you a storefront where you can advertise your own books.

Cool, isn’t it?

Of course before you go out to print, ensure your work is fit for publishing. You can always get an editor to look through your work. =)

If you wish to apply for an ISBN (the 13 digit barcode behind all printed books), you can check out the website here. NLB currently issues them for free but you need to send your online application first.

Good luck then!