Member list to start afresh!

After looking through the list of members that I had accumulated over the past year, I realised that there were a lot of members who simply said they wanted to join and vanished. For good. =x

To facilitate my housekeeping, members who are interested to join AMWC from now will have to complete the following form and email it to me at or PM me at Sgcafe.

Name (real):
Joining as mangaka/writer/both?:
Portfolio link (if any):
Contact number:

You don’t have to fill in your real name or your contact number, etc if you feel uncomfortable but it’s simply coz so that I can contact you should anything happens to Sgcafe. If you’re an Sgcafer, you would know that kenshin (the owner of the forum) has plans to shut it down sometime this year. I don’t exactly know when but well, I’ll rather play safe. So leave me an email or something so I can get in touch with you if I need to. I promise not to spam or pester you. =x

Thanks ah.