AMWC Club T-shirt & design

AMWC is going to have a club T-shirt soon! If you’re interested in designing for the t-shirt, do upload your design on the sgcafe thread and show the rest of the members what you’ve got!

Background will be white and size to be kept to a max size of A3. Please try not to go overboard with your colours as the more colours needed to print, the more expensive it’ll be. Me ish trying to keep costs down for you guys…=3

Keep your design simple yet representative of our club culture which is to induce creativity in a warm and friendly environment. =3

In short the guidelines are:

1) Max size: A3 (297cm × 420cm)
2) Use a max number of 4 colours, including the T-shirt colour (T-shirt background is white) e.g. red, black, blue, white ONLY.
3) Give me the files in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or High Res jpeg

Oh and please also include the sizes you need for your T-shirts. =3

Go >> Garments >> Measurements

One of our very talented members, kyo83, has already posted his design. =3

Kyo83's T-shirt design

Kyo83's T-shirt design

Oh, and have a wonderful Valentine’s today!! =3