So how do I go about getting a portfolio?

Some people have asked me. Or rather indicated their loss at creating their portfolio when I ask them for one. You see, it’s essential for one to have a portfolio when one is telling the world that one is an aspiring writer or mangaka. Coz if you don’t have a portfolio, how on earth are you going to show people your stuff?

If you’re lazy like me, you can rely on free blogs like wordpress or blogger for easy insertion of content. But if you’re tech savvy and know what’s html from your javascript, then any of the free hosts online like freewebs will do just fine. =3

Deviantart has proven to be a good platform for artists and writers too. You can even covert your artpiece into a T-shirt design, etc! How cool can that get? Not only that, you get people who’ll check out your profile and perhaps even commission you for work!

It’s really very easy these days. =3

For writers, you can set up a portfolio and put up your profile at where employers often check out to get potential writers for their companies. You could get lucky if your work is of good quality. Although writing is not as visual as art but there is a market out there just waiting to be tapped. Don’t get so easily discouraged by the limits of the Singapore art/writing scene. Like the Vera Wang gown, you shape yourself to suit the market, not the market shaping itself to suit you.

Tough but true. =x

But, your ship will definitely come in one day! =3