From draft to book on the shelf

Alright, so I really meant a book on the library shelf but hey, at least it’s a book on the shelf, right?=3

This comes from my own experience of getting a book onto the library shelf. Of course, the books haven’t exactly reached the shelf yet but they’re about 3/4 there. =)

So how does one go about doing this? First, write the book. You can’t have a book on the shelf without first writing it, right?

Next, make sure everything’s a-okay before signing up on Lulu to have your book self-published. The thing is, Lulu only prints the book when someone orders it so make sure you market it frequently! It’s a little shameless but marketing oneself is always about being shameless. =x

Before you confirm everything on Lulu however, especially when you want your book on a library shelf or be sold in Amazon, etc, for that matter, get that ISBN number.

Now, what’s an ISBN number? It’s that 13-digit code at the back of every single book that’s out in the market. It’s essential if you want to sell the book in bookstores like Popular for instance so make sure you register for it. More details can be read here. You can apply for it here FOR FREE.

After you get the ISBN number, attach it to your book on Lulu before you click confirm. Once everything has been confirmed by Lulu, your book is ready for sale! Only thing is, you got to order 2 books yourself so you can deposit the books with the National Library Board.

It’s a have-to-do thing if you want a FREE ISBN number but it’s a small price to pay for a sense of achievement, right? =3

Hope the above guide helps!