How to get your self-published book onto everyone’s (well, almost everyone’s) radar?

One of the many catalysts to setting up this club for both writers and mangakas was the desire to see my book on a shelf in a local bookstore. That, for many aspiring writers and mangakas, is the epitome of being a creator. To create, and then to spread the ‘good news’ to as many people as possible. But spreading takes effort and it takes time to actually accomplish or even reach that bestselling list. So what can one do? Here are some ways which could be helpful:

  • If you’ve self-published your book on a self-publishing platform like Lulu, advertise the link everywhere you go. Put the link in your signature on forums, your online portfolio, anywhere where you know your target audience are.
  • Read this article on getting your books into bookstores.
  • Read this article for Barnes and Noble.
  • Approach bookstore owners and convince them to take a few copies of your book for sale. A polite but persuasive manner is important here because at the end of the day, sales are very important to bookstore owners. You got to convince them that your book won’t just sit there gathering dust and take up valuable display space. Local bookstores include Select and La Libreria.
  • Get in touch with marketing tools such as ArtCards. Their distribution areas include shopping centres, libraries, etc where people do tend to pick up interesting looking cards. I know I do. =x
  • Get a number of copies of your book and market it on the streets like Lee Ju-lyn (blog), who spent an entire weekend cafe-hopping around places like Boat Quay and Orchard Road. Quite impressive, no?
  • Promote your book on networking sites such as Facebook. Share the link to your self-published book on your profile with your friends and get them to share in turn with their own friends.
  • Set up a booth with your friends at local events such as Cosfest @ Downtown East and promote your book there. The set-up fee is usually quite affordable.
  • See if you can get your book reviewed in your local newspapers or magazines. If they give you a positive review, it means more exposure and more people knowing about your book. Singapore media you can consider are MyPaper or even the Life Section in Straits Times. Find out more on how you can get your book to be reviewed. It usually involves sending a free copy to the writer/editor of the newspaper/magazine. Or you can always send it to us here at AMWC to do a review for you.

The above are just a few things which you can do to promote your book. Remember that it’s never an easy process so don’t give up halfway. You’ve already published your book. Now all you have to do is let the world know about it.

Worried about funds? Well, you can always check out the National Arts Council for grants or go the way I did…LULU.COM. =3

Have fun promoting!