From an editor’s or agent’s point of view

We all like to think we can impress editors from publishing companies or agents with our fantastic writing and out-of-this-world plots or incredible art that no one can resist. Well, guess what. Editors and agents are hardly the type of people who fall for any query letter that carries a sob story or must-be-published-at-any-cost reason. So today, let us take a trip into an editor’s or agent’s mind…or rather several editors’ or agents’ minds to see what they are looking for and hopefully, ease our journeys into their good side. =x

  1. Redlines and Deadlines
  2. Bookends, LLC
  3. Writer Beware
  4. Alan Rinzler
  5. Pub Rants
  6. Editorial Ass
  7. Nathan Bransford

And the twenty worst agency list. Take note. =x