What inspires you?

Many, if not all of us have our favourite authors or artists. At one time or another, we must have wondered where they get their inspiration from. In fact, where do we get our inspiration from?

Well for myself, my ideas usually come out of the blue. It can be triggered by a movie I just watched or a song I just heard. Even newspapers articles I read can be a source of ideas and inspiration. So you see, inspiration is not something you train hard to have. It’s something that comes from within you and not something that you can control. Hence, the next time you find yourself completely drained of ideas, don’t panic. It’s not going to help matters and you’re better off online shopping or playing games. =x

One thing’s for certain though, once an idea grips you, you’ve to make sure you note it down somewhere or you’ll find yourself completely forgetting about it the next day or even at the end of the day. So whatever you do,  carry a notebook with you. It can be one of those mini notebooks (although I personally think they’re too small to contain my thoughts, =x ) or even a piece of paper you had torn from your foolscape pad.

Even places can be a source of inspiration for writers or artists. Do you find yourself writing or drawing better sitting in a particular cafe or kopitiam? Make it a point to sit there often then. If it helps your creative juices flow better just by being near to the neighbourhood uncles yelling for their next Tiger beer, then so be it. =3

Just remember to always have a cup of kopi handy. You really don’t want to incur the wrath of the drinks auntie. =x