Interview: Playing games with Mr Meow

Hi boys and girls! Today we have Mr Meow, a local game developer, in da house. But what’s the connection between aspiring writers/mangaka and a game developer? You may ask. Well…a game developer too works in an industry that’s not exactly mainstream in Singapore…so to give you guys some motivation to work towards your goal, let us welcome Mr Meow! =3

moon: Good day, Mr Meow. So nice of you to drop by to answer a few questions! =3

Mr Meow: This is not an interrogation, is it? =x

moon: (eyes glint) Of course not. Haha. What made you think that?

Mr Meow: The knife behind your back. =x

moon: (puts knife away hastily) Ahem! Never mind what’s behind my back. Now let’s start off with introducing yourself, shall we?

Mr Meow: I am a game developer working for a small local game development firm. I am an avid gamer myself, who plays all sorts of games ranging from console to PCs to roleplaying to boardgames whenever I get a chance.

moon: So desu ka…so what are some of the things about your job that keep you interested? Other than the fact it gives you plenty of games to play with, of course.

Mr Meow: It is A LOT more interesting than developing business software for sure, which is a path my of my friends took. For one, the context of development is more appealing to me. I enjoy seeing my work come to life and players of our game derive enjoyment from playing our game.

Because of the nature of my company being more open and flexible, I also feel a sense of ownership when it comes to developing the game as I am involved in the different processes, like gameplay artwork and music required to make a game.

Interactions with my colleagues is also more interesting as we have the same hobby. Our lunch conversations are mostly about games and animations.

moon: Being a game developer is not exactly the ‘normal’ type of job that parents would have their kids take up so why did you choose it?

Mr Meow: Interest. And being in the company of like-minded people makes the days pass easier.

moon: Tell us more about your company. What is its vision and how do you and your colleagues hope to go about achieving it?

Mr Meow: We hope to create a game that has a lot of users, and also to make enough money to keep us here doing what we all love to do.

moon: Sounds great! Thanks for giving me the chance to talk to you, Mr Meow.

Mr Meow: (mutters) You were the one who dragged me here. Do I really have a choice?

moon: AHEM!!! Any last words for our aspiring mangaka and writers? =3

Mr Meow: erm…ganbatte?

Got any motivation yet? =3

Well…many of us have dreams, hopes and aspirations but not many of us actually have the courage to pursue them, especially in the face of parental rejection and financial needs. But Mr Meow has proven that he is happy being in his chosen job, despite the fact that it’s not mainstream.

It definitely takes a lot of effort and courage but I believe that you, my loyal readers, would definitely do what it takes. =3