Foo Swee Chin…Singaporean Mangaka

Today we have yet another interview from a lady mangaka that Singapore should be very proud of. =3

Her name is Foo Swee Chin and I must say that although I’ve only communicated with her through email, she is a very humble person despite her successes in her chosen field so far. But let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into the email interview I’ve had with her. =3

moon: When did you realise that you have a talent for drawing and why manga?

FSC: I didn’t and don’t. I have always liked to make up stories since young. I just want to put the characters and stories on paper.

moon: Has it been a difficult journey for you? Could you tell us some of the obstacles you’ve had to go through to achieve your dream?

FSC: Mm. It is difficult. It wasn’t easy to find anyone who would want to publish my works, even now. When published, it wasn’t a guarantee that I will get any money out of the published works if they did not sell well (for smaller publishing companies). I don’t get much respect from being an artist, and people like to ask me to draw their caricatures (T__T) but I’m not good at caricatures, and also, a fair share of irked or bored looks from people who saw my work. ^ ^)>”.

Of course, my parents don’t quite approve of my career choice ^^) heehee
They are worried about my future-one without CPF and health benefits heeheehee. I used to work full-time as a multimedia designer and draw comics whenever I had the time. When I went full-time on comics, it totally drained away my life savings. So currently I take whatever freelance design and illustration jobs that come by.

moon: Of the many artworks/manga you’ve done, which gives you the biggest sense of achievement?

FSC: I can’t think of any with the biggest sense of achievement. I have grown pretty fond of “muZz” though. “Zeet” was the story I had most fun working on…

moon: What are some of the avenues that an aspiring mangaka can look to if they want to be a mangaka in Singapore?

FSC: The internet…um devianart and places like that? Putting your own work up online helps I think.

moon: What are your future plans?

FSC: To get more stable projects and save up. To improve. Would love to design toys and merchandises…make little art books…design characters for games or animations…these are just my very vain daydreams though haha ^^)>

moon: AMWC’s members are mostly students and aspiring mangaka, what words do you have for them?

FSC: It isn’t easy to be a mangaka. Holing up in your room drawing all day, you have zero social life, and your back and hands hurt, and your brain rots. So… be prepared to starve… (>D<) Ahh sounds scary.

Well, if you have the passion and talent, you don’t have to worry. Keep drawing.

moon: And lastly…what gives you the inspiration for your creations? =3

FSC: Anything goes…like music…animals…trees…aliens…books…table…kitchen sink…cake…pain…earthworm…the coffee bean in that guy’s ears…

So people…time to start cracking if you want to fulfil your dreams like Ms Foo here! =3