INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION – accepting submissions now!

Hey guys, the International Manga Competition is open now! Do be sure to read the T&Cs before you submit. Good Luck! =)

presented by Weekly Morning, Kodansha, Japan

Competition entries being accepted now!

Morning, with a weekly circulation of more than 400,000 copies and more than 25 years of history, is Japan’s largest and most prominent comic magazine for mature readers. Since its very first issue, the magazine has been host to such megahits as Vagabond, The Drops of the Gods (Kami-no-shizuku), The Silent Service, Say hello to BLACK JACK, and GON, and has had continual and significant influence on Japanese society. We are currently broadening our horizons by holding a competition across the globe in order to seek out and develop new talent.

Deadline – last acceptable postmark/backstamp on December 31, 2009.

Grand prize – US $5000, with two second prizes of US $2000 each.
The grand prize winning entry will be published in the pages of Morning or a special issue of Morning 2 magazine. In addition, the most experienced Morning comics editors will be assigned to the creators of the winning submission to assist in the development of their works. The winning entry and other work from the winning author may also be eligible to be published as independent comic books in Japan and elsewhere. Editors will also be assigned to the two second prize winners, whose entries may potentially be published in Morning, Morning 2 or on our companion website, MORNINGMANGA.COM. (The selection committee also reserves the right not to award a Grand Prize if no entry is deemed a winner.)

Please refer carefully to the following terms. It will be deemed that you have agreed to all of them upon entry.

[1] Comics’ content Submissions …must be at least 12 pages and not more than 50 pages, … …will be restricted to a minimum of 12 pages and a maximum of 50 pages, … not published in commercial magazines, nor as books or anthologies, in any country.

[2] Rules of illustration
Comics on any type of paper, using any kind of drawing tools, will be accepted. Both color and black-and-white will be accepted. However, pieces accepted in color may be published in black and white in Morning magazine. For reference: comics in Japan are normally drawn on B4-sized paper, in black ink, in a 270mm x 180 mm frame. Submissions may be on CD-R or other digital storage media, but we request that printed copies be included with such data-based entries. Text should be in your native language or Japanese, and should be written clearly.

[3] Selection committee: Morning International Comics Competition Committee

[4] Method of Application
Send submissions to:
Kodansha Morning M. I. C. C.
2-12-21 Otowa
Please ensure that you include your name, address, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and CV with your entry.

Entries cannot be returned.
We recommend that you keep a copy of your entry.

[5] Kodansha Ltd. will automatically obtain the exclusive right to publish all prize-winning works (whether for grand prize or secondary prizes) in magazines, and the exclusive option to exercise the right to publish and/or exploit said works in independent books and on magazine websites, as well as the exclusive option to all other secondary/subsidiary rights with respect to the said works. Kodansha Ltd. will determine whether or not to exercise all foregoing rights and/or options under its sole and absolute discretion.

[6] You must warrant that your entry (comic work) is completely original and of your own creation, All content therein must be accurate and lawful, and not harmful, libelous or defamatory to, or infringing upon the rights of any person or entity in any way. You will be obliged to indemnify any damage Kodansha Ltd. may suffer as a result of any inconsistency with the foregoing requirements.

[7] Release of results: results will be announced on the Morning website (MORNINGMANGA.COM) around March, 2010.

EDIT: If you have any queries about the above competition, PLEASE KINDLY REFER them to the organisers as they’d be in a better position to answer any questions you may have. Do not email or ask me in the comments because I won’t have the answers. Thanks. =)



34 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION – accepting submissions now!

  1. I remember the last time they did this, I got to work right away on a one-shot loosely based Urashima and the Dragon’s Palace. I didn’t manage to finish, though, and later scrapped it, choosing to further advance my skill before I sent something in.

    …And now, here I am, sending into Del Rey Manga, the overseas link to Kodansha. Nothing’s changed, has it? (Accept the manga…)

  2. If someone win how he can claim his prize????? is it also by delivery???? and how to warrant my entry legally????

  3. excuse me, but I got something to ask. There’s no limit of age, isn’t it?
    Can a 15 years- old kid like me actually take part?

    • I think it’s better if you refer your query to the organisers. =)

      Dear other readers, if you have any queries relating to the above post, PLS email the organisers. I just posted the details here so if you want to know about anything, do contact the people in charge.


  4. if i send my manga now, and they might recive it within 2 weeks, or maybe 2 jan or something would it still be acceptable? :/

    • I wouldn’t know. You could check with your local post office to find out how soon they can deliver. There’s always the express delivery if you’re worried.

  5. Yeah, why submission via internet not allowed? actually, it’s fast than sending them through snail mail….

  6. i will send my work at friday 18th dec. i hope its gonna be recived before 31. dec..
    btw, it is ok to write the manga in norwegian, right? i think i were readin somewhere its ok to send it with ur mother language or whats it calld am i right?

  7. whoooaaaa i want to join, but no way i send it via mail, i wonder how much it takes and how long it takes >_<

  8. I want to know the details for the next contest… I can’t fin ’em anywhere… and when will the winners from the last one be announced?

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