Why Twittering could increase your profile on the web

If you spend your time online as much as I do (cough cough, don’t worry, I do have a life beyond the computer), you would have recognised the word “Twitter”.

No, it’s not some kind of codeword that you have to crack your brains over. It’s simply a website where you inform the world of “what you’re doing”. Amazingly, this concept fired the imagination of many and became quite the runaway success. Just yesterday, I read an article on how Twitter actually put a Singaporean in touch with a local motivational author. She then proceeded to ask the author out for lunch (aka networking).

The beautiful thing is, Twitter puts people in touch with others across the world they would never have the chance to meet via the traditional means. So like for example, you’ve just written a story or done a piece of art you want critique on. Maybe you feel AMWC is a tad too inactive for you so you decide to Twitter about it. Within a day, you could have people reading or scrutinising your work and giving their feedback about it! Cool right. So yup…do all the Twittering you can because…someday, somehow, someone may just spot you through Twitter and who knows? Opportunities galore could be on your plate for the upcoming years. =)

PS: You could find me Twittering here. XDDD

PPS: Twitter is really a treasure chest full of info…you wouldn’t believe the fresh info I get from it. =x