A long absence and moon’s mag

Hallo all! Sorry for the long absence. =x

Been working on a little project of mine, due to be launched in either late August or early September. I’m planning to set up a kids magazine for kids ages 7-12 so hopefully you guys can support me when the first issue comes out! Hehe. The magazine will also feature artwork by members of AMWC namely, deliri, szelin and kyo83! So do support the mag! =3

I will definitely publicize its launch here so no worries about missing it! Heh.

Anyways…been doing quite a bit of reading on self-publishing (in the process of doing research for my magazine) and since I’ve not been updating for very long, I decided to leave you with a link to some articles that I hope you’ll find useful. =)

Is a Traditionally Published Book Superior?

The articles basically discusses whether self-publishing is a good idea for the market and if it is the way to go when your manuscripts have been rejected one too many times.

Mmmm, on a personal note. I think self-publishing is the route to go if you know you have a good book on hand. Marketing plays a big part no matter whether you go traditional or self-publishing. But of course, make sure you do your homework and present your best work to the world.

Yes, I know I should be writing more…but at this time…not much to update except that AMWC has grown a bit more with a few more new members. Well…welcome to the Club people! =3



4 thoughts on “A long absence and moon’s mag

  1. I read the link article and found I couldn’t comment. Basically, I think self-publishing is potentially a great idea if it’s done properly. I have to disagree strongly with the traditional publisher mentioned in the link article. However, I understand that a lot of self-published material probably could do with a polish of sorts.

    Good luck with your magazine. I think it’s a great project to be undertaking.

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