Internship = Free?

I remember a time during my university days when I was supposed to go for an internship but couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. I was thrilled to have gotten the internship with a local magazine but the position was unpaid. I didn’t mind it then but upon hearing from a close friend of mine that someone offered her a PAID internship, my enthusiasm quickly dampened.

Now, I’m not as money-faced as you are starting to think… =x

It’s just that when you have hardly enough to get by every month, every cent is important, ya know? =x Heh.

BUT! Paid or unpaid, internships should be valuable opportunities to learn the trade of writing or drawing for or handling a magazine. Writer’s Digest has a really useful article on this very topic. So have a read and really consider what you may be expected to do when interviewing for an internship. =)

Yes, to be hardworking is very commendable. But in this cold hard world, you got to know how to protect yourself ya? Work smart.

Oh and read up on the traits of a successful self publisher. You may just need the tips. =)



5 thoughts on “Internship = Free?

  1. thanks for the share, moon ❤

    but i've always faced self-publishing(as an individual) with fear.. unless one's willing to go pretty far with his work to make the buck, i think self-publishing in singapore is risky :'d
    not that i have any experience, but the comsumption of home-grown manga/writing is kinda small to get a good response in sales. or am i disillusioned?

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