News ~~ Chic internship and competitions

I’ve decided to add a new NEWS section to the blog! =)

Since we get information of writing/manga competitions from all over the world from time to time, I thought it would be more convenient for our loyal readers to refer to the NEWS section where I would post details of competitions, internships etc.


I’ll leave the previous posts containing such news where they are since they would already be almost over or past the deadline. =)

Okie…here goes…

  1. Internship: Chic magazine is looking for interns! If you’re interested in interning for a Singaporean magazine that looks out for all the great shopping deals, email them at You can check out their magazine on FACEBOOK. (thanks to cath for the heads up)
  2. Drawing competition: Wacom Anime Girl Contest
  3. Drawing competition: Extravaganza! An Illustration Showcase

If you think you have news of such things going on that you think would be useful, feel free to comment in the post! =3

Thanks in advance!



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