Writing courses

Good day people! Here are a few courses that our aspiring writers could take up to hone their writing skills. I’m sorry if there seem to be more posts on writing than the art of manga but as it is, I’m more of a writer than a mangaka. Hehehe. If you have news on the manga (competitions, courses etc) that you would like to share with our readers, simply email me at aspiringmw[at]gmail.com. =3

Budding Writers Creative Writing Camp (15 & 22 Aug)

Through a series of instructional and practical exercises, students will learn how to develop their thinking skills, convey their thoughts in writing, create/draw original characters for their stories, and enhance these characters aesthetically. Workshop on 15 Aug is for Primary 3 & 4, and on 22 Aug for Primary 5 & 6. Download programme detail here.

Finding New Villians for Tween Novels, 29 Aug 09 (4.30pm – 6.00 pm, Visitor’s Briefing Room, Level 1, National Library Building)

Bored with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys’ mysteries? Award-winning Singapore writer Felix Cheong has the answer for a new generation of tween readers. In his two detective novels set in Singapore, The Call from Crying House and the sequel, The Woman in the Last Carriage, he gets down and dirty with new villains – terrorists. Find out more about the novels as Felix shares his experience of writing the stories and reads extracts from the novels. Due to limited places, please register via http://golibrary.nlb.gov.sg and surf on to ‘Experience Singapore Literature’.

Character Education Through Storytelling, 9 Sept 09 by Ruth Kirkpatrick (UK). (6.30 to 8.30pm, Merparti Hall, Geylang East Public Library)

Read more about Ruth here.

Meaningful, experiential character lessons can be taught effectively and non-didactically through storytelling! Learn to use storytelling to infuse character education throughout the curriculum, resulting in character education instruction that is meaningful and non-confrontational, and which is accessible to all learning styles and applicable to multiple intelligences.
Special Offer: $30/person + 36 loans from Geylang East Public Library ONLY ( July – September 09).

U.P: $160
Registration: email sisf@bookcouncil.sg and bring along your loan receipts on 9 Sept 09.

Legal Issues in e-Publishing, 2 Oct 09

What is e-publishing? What are electronic rights? This half-day workshop will introduce you to the intellectual property and contractual legal issues that commonly arise in the field of e-publishing. Download programme detail here.