It’s the salt.

A friend recently sent me links to two articles on the art of game writing. One spoke on whether writers are really a vital asset in the development of games when one could have another designer, who arguably could be a writer as well. Inevitably, his post drew quite a number of flak and negative comments from writers and designers alike.

The second article addressed the misunderstanding in the first one and pointed out that while writers are never meant to be food that brings nutritional value to a project, they are nonetheless salt that adds taste to any project.

I must say I agree with Kelly Wand, the writer who wrote the second opinion piece after he was discussed in the first article. In any project, every link is important. I personally believe that no one is more important than anyone else. Drawing from the example that Kelly Wand gave in his article, a typical meal (well, a Chinese one at least) consists of rice, a meat dish, a vegetable dish and maybe a bowl of soup. This meal wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition if different ingredients, spices and seasonings hadn’t come into play.

You can’t cook rice without water, you can’t make the meat dish to taste without salt and so on.

Just as no man can be an island, you can’t expect a designer to be also the writer. Sure, there are people who could do that. But trust me, when you have to “cum” this and “cum” that, the result probably wouldn’t be very good.

And while you’re at it, you might as well hire a designer who can be the producer, music composer, writer, programmer, toilet cleaner etc. =x