Noise Singapore is accepting submissions~~!

Hi guys!

Here’s something for the Singaporean artist/illustrator/designer! =3

Submission Categories

Noise Singapore is back to get YOU spotted for your creative talents!

Singapore’s foremost youth arts festival for those aged 35 and below, Noise is a broad-based platform to encourage young people in Singapore to express themselves creatively.

Through a national call for submission, Noise aims to unearth new talent and inspire groundbreaking content by young creative minds in Singapore, propelling them to greater heights.

So if you’ve got works of art & design, music or photography that you’re just dying to be recognised for, log on to and get your Noise on NOW!

Open Category – Art & Design

It doesn’t matter if they’re simple illustrations, elaborate paintings, edgy street art or ingenious graphic designs; if it represents your creative energies as an individual, then it’s what we want at Noise Singapore.

The top rated Noise artists/designers could then find themselves:

  • Winning the Noise Singapore Prize grant worth S$5,000*
  • Showcased at various Youth Olympic Games events in August 2010
  • Exhibited in the Noise Singapore Festival Showcase and featured in the Noise Publication
  • Interning at established creative agencies in Singapore
  • Participants aged 18 and under: top works by young Noise artists will be exhibited at the International High School Arts Festival in Tokyo, Japan.
  • One artist or photographer will be sponsored to travel to Tokyo for the festival opening in July/August 2010.

*Noise Singapore Prize grant will be disbursed after winner submits a proposal for the grant. The proposal should help the artist develop skills and/or exposure, and can include recording an album, participation in international competitions, travelling to overseas festivals, publishing a book etc. The grant quantum is S$5,000.

Submission requirements and rules

  • Required file format: Hi-res jpeg
  • File Size: Max. 15MB
  • There is no restriction on the number of submissions, so send in as many as you want.

Source: Noise Singapore