Links for writers

Here are some links I’ve taken from a Facebook list by Writer’s Digest for your reading pleasure, in case you’re not following them. Thanks Writer’s Digest!

  1. Reasons why your ms got rejected
  2. Help! I need a publisher!
  3. Freelancer’s survival guide
  4. For authors: hard way to get kindle readers (for ebook self publishers)
  5. Interview with creative writing instructor Robert McKee
  6. What Agents Hate: Literary Reps vent about their Chapter 1 turn-offs
  7. what you should do before you sign
  8. How to cut your manuscript by 20%
  9. Great post about how to tighten your manuscript
  10. To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite? That is the Flowchart.
  11. A TON of novel writing advice from Crawford Kilian
  12. Just write: might not change lives, but might get somebody through a bad time.
  13. 20 rules for writing detective stories
  14. Why free ebooks should be part of the writing plot
  15. Good article on marketing for writers for weekly
  16. find out more about ‘writer platforms’
  17. How will the future of books impact marketing?
  18. “Self-publishing becoming an attractive business model”
  19. Here are 7 Twitter people every author should follow