How to start that story?

Are you finding it difficult to start a story because you have no inspiration whatsoever? Well, you can use what many writers use: The Story Starter.

Actually truth be told, inspiration can be found everywhere in your life. Simply sit and observe what goes on around you. Then ask yourself the question, “what if?”.

Many stories begin with “what if?”. What if the aliens attacked us? What if cities were overrun by zombies? What if that ordinary looking man hides a secret so horrifying, that he would kill you if you knew about it?

The “what if” questions will naturally lead you to discover the next plot build-up. Always bring a notebook out with you when you’re out shopping, or simply sitting on the bus. You can just jot down whatever ideas that spring to mind and tidy them up later.

No more brain juice for you to squeeze? Put down your pen or switch off your computer and go for a walk. Thinking about it simply won’t make the ideas come flowing into your brain.

You probably won’t finish planning your novel or manga in a day but that’s alright because it’s an ongoing process. Ideas that may seem good now may appear ridiculous later on. So keep working on it, and one day, you may just have the finished product in your hands. =)