Character building

When I write a story, especially a long story like Rainy Skies, I will create a bio for each of my characters. The bio will cover their hair and eye colours, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their quirks and hobbies etc. I may not use all the details in the crafting of my story but I find that having them close at hand help to make my characters more real.

When you create your characters, ask yourself this: are they merely cardboard figurines or mindless puppets you’ve conjured up to act in your grand play? Or are they flawed individuals whom readers can identify with or root for?

How then, you may ask, does one create realistic and sympathetic characters for the readers? You could base your characters on people around you. It can be solely based on a person or you can use a myriad of personalities to mash into one memorable character. Or you could be like me and create characters as a cooler extension of yourself but be careful that your novel doesn’t turn out to be an overly egoistic tribute to yourself or readers could get turned off. =)

And on an entirely unrelated note, I leave you with this link to the truth about bestsellers. Are they really as “best-selling” as they claim to be? Enjoy.