Paying for fiction but…

Here are 4 links to paying magazines that I had gotten from a writing-related email:

  1. American Short Fiction (charges a submission fee)
  2. The Bear Deluxe Magazine
  3. Glimmer Train Stories (charges a reading fee)
  4. Ploughshares

You will notice that a couple of them up there charge a submission or reading fee if you submit. Well, personally I wouldn’t pay for a reading fee but it’s entirely up to you if you want to pay magazines to read your fiction.

Before you do that though, you may want to read this and this for a couple of opinion pieces on a particular magazine. It’s always best to practise caution. =3

And a list of fiction magazines worth reading by Wet Asphalt… and contrary to common belief, you can make money from writing fiction. You just need to get off your ass and stop whining. =3

  1. Pockets (targeted at kids ages 8-12)
  2. Ogden Publications
  3. Harper’s Magazine