Virtual Book Tour #1-Winged: A Novella Of Two Girls by Joyce Chng

Welcome to the first AMWC Virtual Book Tour! I am very proud to present our first author, Ms Joyce Chng!

Can you briefly tell us what your book is all about?

Winged: A Novella Of Two Girls is a novella, comprising of two novelettes (The Basics Of Flight and Phoenix With A Purpose). It is multi-genre: speculative fiction, steampunk and YA (Young Adult). It looks at the choices of young people and how these choices influence their paths in their lives.

What inspired you to use flight as the theme for your stories?

I liken flight to independence and freedom. When I first started writing The Basics Of Flight, I was prompted by the imagery of flight. Katherine Riley yearns to fly, because being a leo-fin pilot allows her to explore places beyond her native Dorset. Flight gives her independence and freedom, two things she desires as a young woman growing up in this alternate Victorian England.

The theme of flight continues in Min Feng’s tale as well. She has the potential for flight – she is a phoenix! She also yearns to be free from her background. And like all teenagers, Katherine and Minfeng want to be independent, to be seen as individuals on the cusp of young adulthood.

Which is your favourite character and why?

Gosh. There are so many!

People would say that Katherine Riley and Min Feng are my favorite characters (because they are the main protagonists of the two stories). But I actually like a couple of minor characters: Alethia Forrester, Katherine’s best friend and schoolmate at the Flight Academy, for example. Alethia Forrester has overcome many odds just to be enrolled in the Academy.

She is blind, she is made fun of by her peers and she is resilient enough to wager admiration. I admire her because of her courage. Likewise, I admire Katherine and Min Feng for their courage to make tough choices, something which teenagers learn (and have) to do.

What was the driving force that led you down the road of self-publishing?

A desire to see myself published? 😉

I had tried marketing my manuscript to local (Singaporean) publishers and I found them unreceptive to speculative fiction in general. (moon nods vigorously at this point.)

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers/creators who want to publish their own works?

Persist, persevere and never give up. Know your audience and the market well – observe, listen and learn. Self-publishing is not an easy path to take, especially when it comes to aspects like promotion of the book and getting the book to the right places/audiences. Read up, be aware of the trends and norms. And most importantly, find support from like-minded people. Friends are good cheerleaders! 🙂

Joyce’s book can be read as a free e-book at Smashbooks. You can also support her by buying the paperback version of her book at Amazon.

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  1. Hey moon, a great interview to start off your Virtual Tour series. To be honest, I used to have reservations abt self-publishing, but reading this interview, as well as some of the other stuff on this blog has changed my view… Looking forward to more illuminating interviews with our talented young writers! 🙂

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