Some link love from the Writing White Papers nominations

Hi guys!

*moon enters radio broadcaster mode*

This is moon here coming to you live from the AMWC Network…the only network in Singapore that talks about all things writing and manga-ing.

Heh…ahem…today, aside from sending out the call to my readers to nominate the AMWC blog at the Writing White Papers. I’ll also be listing a number of sites that had been nominated in the comments as well. Coz there are so many of them useful sites out there that my readers should check out too! =3

  1. Storyfix
  2. Writers on the Rise
  3. Men with Pens (a personal fave of moon’s)
  4. The Adventurous Writer
  5. Confident Writing
  6. Fuel your writing
  7. Write anything
  8. Editor Unleashed
  9. The Creative Penn
  10. The Urban Muse

Here’s to link love~~! =3