Virtual Book Tour #5-Through the Storm by Tan Su Yin

What inspired you to write your book?

A major catastrophe which wiped out hundreds of thousands of lives struck a deep chord in me. It made me realise how unpredictable life can be, and how important it is treasure our loved ones, spend time with them, show how much you care … today, this very day, for tomorrow may not be there.

Can you briefly tell us what your book is all about?

It’s about a young man who spent his time madly pursuing a successful career as a pop star in order to bury the loneliness and pain from the loss of his mother. A vicious attack out at sea left him close to death, washed ashore far away from home. A young village girl saved him, but through a tragic twist of fate, she became the one who desperately needed his help, which he gave readily, not knowing that in so doing, he would endanger her life as well as his.

Who is your favourite character and why?

My favourite character in Through The Storm is the hero. Aside from being so dashingly handsome, and almost filthy rich, he stayed true to his principles and to his loved ones.

Did you have a hard time getting this book to be published? Why?

New authors do not have it easy, especially if you write fiction. The market in Singapore is small, so are the number of publishers who have been burnt badly in the past with investing in new authors. Through The Storm was rejected by two local publishers. I grew impatient and decided to self-publish. It has its pros and cons. One of the latter which still upsets me today is that you get excluded from many writing competitions simply because you are considered a published author.

What advice do you have for struggling writers in Singapore?
Don’t write for the money or for the fame. Write for the love of writing. You will get more fulfilment that way. I wish all of you the very best in your creative endeavours and may you achieve your dreams one day.

Su Yin’s book is for sale on her site where you can also preview some of the more exciting portions of her book through book extracts or audio trailers.

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  1. What an utterly beautiful cover. I love the sound of this book. It feels like a mixture of Murakami’s After the Quake and Martel’s Life of Pi, which is quite a heady – and appetising – combination.

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