The Renaissance Publishing Book giveaway

Renaissance Publishing from Singapore is giving away some of their titles at the Flea-tique. DO support them~! The following is a message I received from them on Facebook:

Dear friends,

some of you might be wondering what happened to this year’s writing contest and Romance Vol. 3. Basically here’s the spill:

– I decided to try not holding a contest this year and see what comes out of the authors we’ve discovered so far from previous contests whom we contracted to write for Vol. 3. While there has been some good stories, there weren’t enough quality and quantity yet to compile a full volume. Many authors were also busy and aren’t ready with their short stories yet…

– Either because of the economic downturn or just that Vol 2 wasn’t great, sales were terribly bad (hardly 200 copies…). I am awaiting the actual sales report to come in from the distributor anytime now to decide on whether to go ahead for Vol. 3 in Feb 2010. Likely it will be delayed. In any case Feb 14 in 2010 falls on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, so we will be unable to maintain the tradition of launching it on Valentine’s Day. We will probably push Vol. 3 back to 2011.

Meanwhile, in order to clear our overstock books in the warehouse, we are holding a FREE giveaway of some of our titles at an upcoming flea market! Details are as follows:

Flea-tique! – Late Night Edition at the Singapore Art Museum

Date: 7th November 2009, Saturday
Where: In front of SAM
Number of stalls: 100
Event time: 6pm to 1am
Stall no. D026

Come pick up FREE copies of our books!

Renaissance Publishing has gone two years attempting to support local writers. If the books can’t sell, at least don’t let them go to waste. Pick up some copies and give them to people who you know might be interested to read them. We’ll give away as many as we can manage to cart there. Hope to see you all there!