Thanks, congrats & a book giveaway~!

Thanks to those who emailed in for AMWC Giveaway for Tan Su Yin’s “Through the Storm”~! =3

I’ll be in touch with our lucky readers REAL soon. =3

Coming up next, a book giveaway from AMWC~! This time, we’re giving away three copies of Ju-Lyn’s book titled “All the people imagine”.

Simply email me at aspiringmw[at] with the following details:

  • Name (real one)
  • Age
  • Email
  • Country you’re from
  • Where you found out about AMWC

AND tell me your wildest imagination. Remember you have to be creative (and nothing indecent please)! We have 3 copies of her book for 3 lucky winners. =3

Deadline: 25 October 2009, midnight (Singapore time)


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