Unpaid internships = unethical?

I once wrote about interning for free for magazines and it seems that a Singapore website has picked up the topic for coverage albeit for companies in general.

Some feel sorry for the “Max” in question as they feel that he should at least be given a minimum stipend  as recognition of his revenue-generating efforts to the company while there’s one who reasoned that since “Max” was old enough to understand the terms and conditions before he signed on for the internship, he shouldn’t be crying foul.

Well, I personally feel that experience or boost to the resume or not, companies should at least pay the intern a minimum income. At the very least, provide him/her with the means to pay for their own meals and transport. Sure, most interns are students and are most likely to be supported financially by their parents. But there are also some who need income to travel to work.

I know this because there are times when all my money go into travelling and I have to be content with munching on $1.50 bread for a few days’ lunch. A loaf of bread can last me for at least 3 days. =x

I still remember a colleague asking me why I was eating bread all the time. She then went on to say too much bread makes a person fat. Like I have any choice. =.=

Ahem, anyways. Do you guys think interns should be paid? They’re there to learn, that’s for sure but I believe that these people also bring valuable skills to the company (i.e. excellent writing skills). I mean, if you’re going to utilise these people to write the articles in your magazine instead of freelance writers, pay them at the very least. =x

What ya think?



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