Virtual Book Tour #10-Dream Walker by Yeo Hui Xuan

When and why did you start drawing manga?

Dream Walker by Yeo Hui XuanI have always wanted to publish my own manga series/comic book.
From 1999, I started my training by drawing one-panelled and four-panelled comics. After graduating from secondary school, my time became much more flexible and I was able to work on story-type comics.

Who is/are your greatest influence(s) in your drawings?

Takahashi Rumiko and Togashi Yoshihiro. I really love their character designs and concepts.

What gave you the inspiration for Dream Walker?

I once had a short-story comic series that was featured in TCZ studio’s Steps Comics showcase (published in The Celestial Zone 2 Collector’s Series Volume 7 and 8). The work was titled “Dream”.

When I was planning for the series, I decided to use that work as a base for my concept. So I began researching and gathering various useful materials and information on dreams and built up” the “Dream Walker” series from there.

Tell us about your journey to publishing Dream Walker. What was it like to work with Mr Wee Tian Beng?

It’s been tough; I find myself constantly stressed, from the initial stages of brain-storming up till even now still… (laughs)

Mr Wee has guided me throughout the process: from artwork to story-telling, he is always ready to offer me constructive criticisms and useful ideas for my works. He has taught me the do’s and don’ts of working on comics. I have learnt much from him.

What are your future plans? When can we expect a sequel to Dream Walker?
As the preparation of each volume of Dreamwalker can take up to a few months at a time, I plan to produce and sell various Dreamwalker merchandise in between books. These items will be up for sale through the
Comix Pandora e-commerce network as well as during various local anime/manga-related events.

More details and various updates can be found in my Dream Walker offical journal as well as the ComixPandora website.

I have the story planned up until Volume 6; as the story progresses,Yume and the gang will have more than just Boumas to contend with, and of course they will grow stronger.

If one were to be a mangaka in Singapore, what kind of advice would you give him/her?

Many people think that being a comic artist is an easy thing, but once you start, you’ll come to realise that it is a tedious job, a tough road to trek. If your drawing skills are weak, you must train yourself by drawing more.
Try to read and watch anything that can inspire you to create a good story.

Always bear in mind that when you are working on a comic, it is completely different from working on an illustration. Those who wish to be a mangaka, my advice is to start by being a doujinshi artist, you can learn a lot from there.

Hui Xuan’s book is available at all Comics Connection outlets and all good bookstores in Singapore. You can also buy it online at The Celestial Zone. Do support Singaporean manga talent by buying her books!

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