On self-publishing for manga

I was looking around for people who self-published their own manga online when I came across PandaBuddha Manga that has published Project Blue Rose, a manga that seems to have some yaoi elements if I’m not wrong. =3

If you like this type of manga, head on over to their site and have a look.

What I’m more interested in is their advice on self-publishing which you can take a look. I’ve been looking around for self-published illustrators, mangaka, comic artists to feature on the AMWC Book Tour Series but somehow, they all seem to be missing in action. =x

Where have all these talented people gone? There are no lack of people who declare they want to be a mangaka but where are the ones who have taken a concrete step towards realising their dream of being published?

If you know anyone who is published, do let me know. Even my legendary googling skills have failed to turn up anyone. LOL.

Aspiring mangakas, PandaBuddha Manga also has useful tutorials on topics like page bleeding, inking and how to sell art at conventions.

Also found an interview on Madeleine Rosca who self-published her manga  “Hollow Fields” online and got discovered by Seven Seas Entertainment.



4 thoughts on “On self-publishing for manga

  1. What about Hu Jing Xuan? http://www.pinkjellyo.deviantart.com/
    Duno if you’ve featured her before, but she’s a fantastically young, talented individual who published recently =3 I’d really really love to see an interview done with HER.

    If you’re looking for self-published american/overseas manga artists, just head over to the forums on tokyopop/sevenseas and just about any comic forum etc. Truckloads of webcomickers turned published artists. eg.


    As for reasons why hardly anyone else is published, hm..personally for me? Too much bills to pay, my own house is on its way and I can NOT afford to take time off from work at all. Few pages a month for my webcomic, still ok. But I’m not one of those super fast artists – need to concentrate on this full-time if I were to produce something remotely resembling one whole book for publication.

    Well, which is why we have our AMWC anthology right? So people can ‘publish’ in small chunks ^^

    • Yeah, understand…but I don’t mean people should get themselves be published within a short period of time. =3 I meant that if you’ve been working on a particular piece of work for a long time, it’s time to see the fruits of your labour (at least a web comic that people can follow). =3 Yes, realities of life do get in the way, but don’t let that be your obstacle. =3

      Actually I’m looking for people of ALL nationalities, as long as they have taken the initiative to publish themselves online as an e-book or as a physical book. Thanks for the heads-up, let’s hope I can get in touch with her! Hehe.

      But seriously people, don’t let real life get in your way. I know how difficult it is when you have to work and support your ridiculously stand of living in Singapore but hey, where there’s a will, there’s a WAY. *evil glint in moon’s eye as she tries to “psycho” people into working on their projects*

  2. I’ve been drawing comics since I was 14. That’s about 12 years now, no short period (although there were periods of inactivity). But publishing is still pretty out of reach and out of sight for me xD I have some sort of a will, but there’s barely a way. It’s also about having tons and tons of discipline, a solid, sell-able piece of work (I’m talking an actual book ready to be published), the right connections and as a bonus, lots of spare time and moolah on hand, to brace yourself for the transition.

    And there’s also this issue – even if I DO get published in Singapore, it isn’t going to sustain me for the long haul. Simply put, I’m choosing reality over passion, for now at least. But that’s another discussion for another day of course =D

    I wonder how other artists/creative people cope with both? If you do get to interview Miss Hu Jingxuan, could you please include this as a question (how she juggles real life and art, and how long she takes to produce a page, on average!) =x

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