Virtual Book Tour #18-The summoning of Clade Josso: The first descent into the Vein by J. Dean

CladecoverWhat is your story about?

This novel is the first of a series of novels (at least eight that I have planned). They encompass a central place callled the Meridian, a sort of “Bridge dimension” between Seven different Worlds. Many years ago, a terrible war broke out between two factions, which resulted in a cataclysmic disaster: The Meridian was sealed off, cutting the Seven Worlds off from each other.

Once a paradise of unity, the Meridian is now an inhospitable place, inhabited by deadly monsters and treacherous beings, subject to dark times until a Being from each world, bearing an Artifact (the only means to enter the Meridian alive) arrive in order to set things aright.

These Seven beings, once coming to the Meridian, must brave their way to the central region, and enter a place called The Vein.

Within this Vein lies a power called the Control, which will not only restore the connections between the Seven Worlds once again, but will also grant to one of the Bearers the ability to fulfill one desire.

Enter the first Bearer-Clade Josso, a young being from the world of Cyrco, who has entered the Meridian. His motivation for wanting the Control: to restore the broken home and family business owned by his parents, who have been devastated by the death of Clade’s sister. He must brave the perils of this alien place, aided by members of a mysterious Sect, in order to make his way to the Vein.

And after that, the real adventure begins.

Tell us a little about yourself as a writer.

I first became interested in writing when I was in the fifth grade. At the time, the movie RED DAWN was out in the theaters, and my buddies and I were putting out these two page stories about the Russians invading our schools, and us being forced to make a stand and drive them off (Yeah, pretty far-fetched, wasn’t it?).

When we hit junior high, the writing bug stayed with me, even though most of my friends seemed to have given it up by then. About my freshman year, my writing abilities received a real education; I had discovered Stephen King . After reading his works, I said to myself “I wanna write like that.” Not necessarily in a horror genre, but rather with the vivid description and character depth that King puts in his stories.

The next big influence on me was Ray Bradbury. Bradbury uses an economy of words and unusual phrasing for his descriptions. He does a fantastic job of avoiding cliches and typical words, instead coloring his writing with unique setups. Whenever people ask me about recommended authors, King and Bradbury are always at the top of my lists. You can’t go wrong with them.

Now, finally, at 35, I decided to try to make a real go at writing. After trying my hand at various short story and novel attempts, I finally completed the first book of the Vein series. Currently I’m dividing my time between the promotion of CLADE JOSSO, writing the second novel in the Vein series, and amassing a collection of short stories on the side.

Has it been difficult writing your book and self-publishing it?

Writing it? No. I’ve never had more fun in my life working. Writing is one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever done. This is not to say it hasn’t had its hard days, but those days have been few and far between. What more fun could you have than putting your imagination to paper so that you can share it with everybody else?

The only part that’s been really difficult about the whole process has been attempting to get the book out there for people to see. That’s probably the biggest drawback. You have to work extra hard on getting your product out there, and do so aggressively-people aren’t going to flock to the website on their own. Add to this the fact that I’m not really the “salesman” type; marketing isn’t one of my strengths. That’s why I’m glad for sites like yours that help me out in that regard. (moon: hehe, thanks!)

Do you have any future plans for more books?

Oh yes. There will be at least seven more books for the Vein, not to mention the short stories I’m writing on the side. As long as the God-given imagination I have keeps churning ideas up, I’ll keep writing!

If you get the chance to write a book of a different genre, what type of genre would you choose?

That’s a hard one to answer, because I’m perfectly content for now to be in the scifi/fantasy genre. There’s so much room for imagination in scifi and fantasy that I’d be hard-pressed to write in another genre. I’ve learned that you have to be careful spreading yourself out too thin as a writer.

There’s a saying that goes like this, “You don’t become a master by doing a thousand things; you become a master by doing one thing a thousand times.” That’s true for writing. You need to get solid in one genre before you try to branch out into too many other genres. If you branch out before you’re established in one genre, it can be difficult to remain consistent.

Having said all of that, if we’re talking fiction, maybe I’d try my hand at a horror or crime drama story. At the same time, I wouldn’t necessarily rule out non-fiction either. I have a small booklet about making business meetings more economical for time and usage that I might get back to work on in the future. Right now, though, the fiction is just too much fun!

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