Young Artist Award! (Singapore)

The Arts Council is now seeking nominations for their Young Artist Award so if you know any outstanding talents in literature (like moi, muahaha), art, film etc, nominate them! Except the form seems to take for granted that the person doing the nomination will know all the details needed. =x

I’m just not sure about something…if let’s say I want to nominate Troy Chin for the Award but I doubt he’ll want to give me his personal details. =x

You know what I mean? Sheesh. They should make it such that people can nominate writers/artists etc without having to go to all the trouble of finding out their personal info. It sort of puts people off (well, me at least), in my humble POV.

Maybe they just want people to nominate talents they personally know. In which case, AMWC members, you know what to do. Muahahaha. =x