Since when is plagiarism the ‘cool’ thing to do?

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When I read this this article, I was shocked. Since when did plagiarism become merely ‘mixing and matching’?! And the worst thing is, the book is STILL being considered for the $20,000 prize of the Leipzig Book Fair in the fiction category. So where does this leave the rest of us who work so hard at being original? Sure, we are inspired by (and sometimes adapt) music, songs, anime, manga or anything that we happen to consume but to blatantly lift whole passages (with few changes) from a less well-known book AND profit off it is…well, let’s just say I’m surprised it’s even being permitted to compete with the rest of the books in the Leipzig Book Fair. =.=

What do you guys think? Granted, we do try to include elements of our favourite books, music etc into our stories or manga but over time, I’m pretty sure many of us develop our own style as a result. This is what young Helene Hegemann has to say:

The 17-year-old shooting star of the German literary scene admitted she had taken “in total, about a page” from the underground author Airen’s novel ”Strobo,” but insisted she had not stolen the material but rather simply neglected to properly acknowledge it.

“I myself don’t feel it is stealing, because I put all the material into a completely different and unique context and from the outset consistently promoted the fact that none of that is actually by me,” Hegemann told the daily Berliner Morgenpost.

Source: The Local: Germany’s News in English

Honey, plagiarism IS plagiarism. Don’t try to give it a nicer name, please. =.=



5 thoughts on “Since when is plagiarism the ‘cool’ thing to do?

  1. Hmm…debatable? Not sure what she copied.
    For example… consider these two scenarios:

    We can take a page from Harry Potter and write the rest of it into a novel and sell it?

    Or take the “essence” of the idea, for example, a boy who wants to be a wizard and enters into a school…etc…. and write into own novel to sell it?

    • I think she actually copied a few paragraphs or they wouldn’t make such a big hoohah about it. Adapting the essence is fine la I supposed. But not outright copying. 😡

  2. But if someone were to say… copy a couple of paragraphs of filler content that seems generic and more or less very common in most books of a related genre, it wouldn’t be considered plagiarism, right?

    I think it’s more of a “did you copy the unique idea or whatever behind my story” kind of thing.

    Whelp, that’s my two pesos.

  3. I think the issue here is not her age but rather if it’s passes through as ‘alright’, a lot of people will be following suit.

    If you have to use paragraphs in your works, there’s always ‘citing’; acknowledge your sources.

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