Read an E-Book Week (7-13 March 2010)

Love to read but find it increasingly difficult to step into the library due to your hectic schedule? No worries coz the e-book revolution is finally here! Anyone who’s anyone online would have known about the changes that are beginning to take the world by storm. Discussions and debates rage over whether the e-book will replace the lovely musty-smelling books that we’ve been carrying around for years.

Well, as a lover of books, there is nothing better than a book I can cuddle with on a cold rainy day but with the onslaught of all kinds of entertainment like psp, Nintendo Ds, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook etc, the book is fast becoming an endangered species.

Is this something that we should mourn over? I happen to think that books too can adapt with the changing times and that’s where e-books come into play. People can now easily access numerous books online and read anytime, anywhere. AND the Read an E-book event is just the thing to alert fervent readers and writers to the potential of published works online.

I love my books and the way they stack nicely on my bookshelves but the time for change has come and we must be prepared to welcome it. There is no reason why we cannot embrace both worlds anyways. =3