Interview: A Tweeterview with Happy Smiley and Friends

Sarahcoldheart & friends recently published an interesting book called Happiness at the end of the world. She sent me a free copy of the book in a neon blue package which stood out starkly from the rest of my mundane mail. Shall get around to reading it soon. But before that, just to let you guys know that for the first time, I’ll be conducting the interview via Tweeterview where questions and replies are limited to the creative use of 140 characters. So stay tuned for updates on the time and date of that interview. =D

Update: I know this is a little last minute but the above interview will be held tomorrow at 11am, Singapore time! See you then! My apologies. My internet was down for the ENTIRE MORNING and I only just managed to get online. Will do the interview after 2pm. Shall put the link here for your convenience! Sorry about it!