Singapore Memories Project 2010

I recently received an email from the National Library Board seeking to invite members of the AMWC club to join their Singapore Memories Project. From what I understand from our email conversation, apparently NLB is on the lookout for writers and artists to help document their personal memories of Singapore. This is to be a 5-year project to help Singaporeans understand their country’s history better and as of the moment, there are no concrete plans to publish the submissions in book form but they will be digitised on the Singapore Memories Project official website.

If you’re already working on something that showcases your precious memories of Singapore, this might be something you wanna check out. Check here for more information.

Oh and if you’re wondering whether to purchase our 2nd volume of AMWC anthology, perhaps a little preview of our cover page might just persuade you. =D

Payment details are out so email me to find out how to “show moon the moneh”. =3