Gain exposure through Internships!

Hiya guys! Have you ever thought about taking up an internship to boost your resume? Well, I was looking on the net when I found a whole host of websites that features various internship opportunities in Singapore. If you’re looking to gain the necessary experience for your future career, check the following websites out!

If you have any queries, please direct them to the appropriate websites. Even if you ask me here, I wouldn’t know the answer. So please, exercise some common sense. =x

Can’t find the company you want to intern for? Email the company directly and ask if they have any vacant internship available. Most of the time, the companies will reply you so if you don’t try, you wouldn’t know, right? Good luck!

Of coz, don’t forget to check out my other article that I wrote on free internship…should interns be paid? You make the call. =3