A bit of this and that

One Manga is apparently removing all their archives of scanlated manga due to pressure from publishers.


Well, I guess this means that scanlation fans have to either buy from bookstores (which sometimes doesn’t carry their preferred titles) or look somewhere else for their manga fix.

Oh wells…haven’t been to one of those sites in a long time now, mainly coz I have been busy doing various stuff. One of which, is playing Persona 3 on psp. =3

Check out its trailer below.

It comes with a fabulous story plot, witty dialogue and I even got to learn some educational stuff coz this game revolves around a high school student after all. =3

I love the fact that I get to choose either a female or male character. Managed to finish the game with my kick-ass FC (female character) and now starting the game again with a not-so-kick-ass MC (male character) simply coz I wanna see a different perspective of the game. Hehehe…The only gripe I have is the ending. It ties up loose ends alright but I don’t like the way it ends. I mean, I did all that work to save humankind and all I got in return is eternal watch over the final boss I’ve defeated? Sigh. And to think that I worked so hard to establish a romantic social link with Akihiko Sanada. =x

But personal opinions aside, I think this is a really great piece of work you can study while writing or drawing manga. =3

Okie doky…gotta go now. Sorry for the lack of updates so I’m gonna leave you with this rather interesting article on the rise of writer-artists at DC comics. Enjoy!