Chinese mangaka ‘threatens’ Japanese mangaka?

Apparently so, judging from the collective drooling over Xia Da, the 28-year-old young woman who seems to enjoy taking cute pictures of herself. =x One blogger even called her probably the ‘deadliest’ mangaka ever to come out of China. LOL.

You can check out her pictures at Wayang Times. I personally think that Xia Da has the looks to entice otakus. She’s cute and she cosplays (in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms), so what’s there NOT to love? LOL. But of course, looks can’t carry you very far if you don’t have the talent. Her blog is here so you can check her out. =3

For slides of her work…click here.

So what do you guys think? Do you usually go for an artist’s looks or their works?



1 thought on “Chinese mangaka ‘threatens’ Japanese mangaka?

  1. Oh the works are very nice. Artist looks pretty too, but I find it rather normal…nothing too outstanding. Girls tend to look more pretty after make-up and hair styling. + I’m in Tokyo now, lots of pretty similar-looking faces everywhere!

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